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Bliss Potion




Bliss is not a turmeric latte powder. That shit is so 2015. This blend is the real freaking deal, man - the most functional beverage, you are ever likely to have pass your pretty little lips (aside from coffee- and maybe wine, wine is pretty functional too)
Anyway my lovelies - lets break this blend down into all its bits and then you will see why this is pretty much better than sex (sorry hon)

Raw Criollo Cacao - This is what chocolate is made from and it contains a whole buncha relaxing minerals in it (ahh magnesium) and also contains a plant chemical called anandamide - which is though to bind to endocannibinoid receptors in your brain ( yep cannibinoid..you might have heard that before?! ) and is thought to support your natural bliss. Nuff said.

Ashwagandha Extract - Thought to translate to "smells like a horse" but some think it translates to "strength of a horse" I don't really want to smell like a horse, so I'm going with the latter. But really - this herb has been used for centuries to help support relaxation and endurance and get you feeling happy as larry and on your way to bringing sexy back.

Turmeric - Still not a turmeric latte. I popped turmeric in here, not for creaky old joints but for helping to support a healthy, happy go lucky mood. Its good for that too you see, not just for the ol knees.

He shou wu Extract - Ahh the lovely yin tonic that is he shou wu. Supports calm, rejuvenation and contains minerals which may help support those depleted and exhausted folks dragging their carcasses around. Great for those tired, walking dead mums out there ( I have been one - I am totally allowed to say that)

Mucuna - The velvet bean, nourishing and restorative support for a nervous system that is a bit frazzled and over it. This is perfect for those folks have become a bit "glass half empty" after battling the stress beast for a while.

Astragalus Extract Supports the body against the ill effects of stress while also supporting the heart and keeping the immune system resilient and healthy.

Whats not to like? The flavour of Bliss really lends itself to earthy flavours like vanilla, coffee, chocolate and caramel so maybe add some bliss into your mochaccino baby!

Contains 24 serves

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical conditions consult your healthcare practitioner before use.

Raw Criollo Cacao Powder*, Turmeric*, Ashwagandha Extract* Mucuna Pruriens*, He Shou Wu Extract, Astragalus Extract* Cinnamon*, Himalayan Salt
* organic ingredients