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Calm Balm

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A little tin of calm in your pocket.
A delightful scent that helps bring calm to the body mind and soul in times of undue stress.

Just apply to the pulse points-temples/wrists/behind the ears…….. and inhale deeply to let the aroma do the work.
We believe though it is not only the aroma but even the ritual as well,of knowing you have a little something lovely to ease you along the way.
We have known many parents of children finding things a bit tough to buy this just for their child to hang on to in their pocket. Just the knowledge that it is their can ease the anxiety.

Fox River Bath Company makes artisan botanical skincare and bathing products. Our products are waterless so have no need to contain any artificial preservatives. They are also free from unnatural ingredients.

We believe in simplifying your skincare regime and treating and feeding your skin with the best quality ingredients that we can source.

As this product contains no artificial preservatives or stabilisers it is better kept in a refrigerator or a cool room. It may melt if left in a hot sunny environment however will harden again as it cools although the consistency will change

Comes in a 10gm tin