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Hand Carved Bowl #2



Bowl #2 -
Native chatoyant forest gem.
Oiled in food grade Olive oil
Measures about 130mm x 90mm or about the size of an adults hand

Read below for the unique story of these bowls...........

These stunning little dishes began life as part of an ancient tree in the native forest of the South Island's West Coast, one of the last bastions of untouched forest left in New Zealand.
The trees were eventually washed out the rivers, into the ocean, where they spent countless years rolling around in the ocean swells, only to be thrown up on to the beaches as the hardest little remaining nuggets of these great forest giants.

This is where they found their way into my hands to be transformed into beautiful pieces of functional art for you to use.

Light on resources, the ultimate in circular economy. Felled by nature, carved by nature and just finished by me.

Each one of these is unique and different. They are a range of native timbers, including Rata, Kahikatea, Beech, Rimu, Matai Totara and Miro to name but a few.

A small jewellery dish, or perhaps a condiment dish.

Like my Pounamu pendants, these pieces have gone from the mountains to the sea, and have countless stories to carry.
I have spent hours combing the beaches to find the perfect pieces for these little bowls