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Hand Distilled Manuka Hydrosol

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We harvest organic wild Manuka then distill it in our beautiful copper alembic still, to bring you this wonderful capture of the essence and aroma of this highly valued medicinal plant, it is a long and beautiful alchemic process.

A skin hydrator and refresher, it contains nothing else but the pure plant volatiles in water that was passed through the plant material in the form of steam and then recondensed into hydrosol.

Spritz face for an instant refresher or cleanse face then apply to skin before using a face oil. While hydrosol is absorbing into your skin apply your skin oil to help the water absorb and be sealed deep into the skin layers.

This is a wonderful way to get both the water and oil normally present in a moisturiser, without the addition of preservatives and other chemicals normally present in moisturisers.

Many other 'hydrosols' are not actually made in this complete process. They are often the remaining water after the essential oil has been taken off during the distillation or they can be made by adding essential oil to water. Steam distilled hydrosols are a much more complete 'picture' of each individual plant the essential oil is still present and has not been separated out, but water soluble volatiles are present also.

This contains no preservatives so should be stored in the cool and out of direct sunlight and should be used within 4 months.

Please patch test before use on a small area to no irritation will occur.