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Jonquil solid perfume



Jonquil Enfleurage
The pure scent of jonquil spring flowers
This gorgeous solid perfume is a labour of love.
Slowly extracted over about 6 weeks in spring, with daily exchanges of fresh flowers into a bed of solid lipid. Traditionally done into animal fat, we prefer to use a bed of botanical butter.

Fox River Bath Company makes artisan botanical skincare and bathing products. Our products are waterless so have no need to contain any artificial preservatives. They are also free from unnatural ingredients.

We believe in simplifying your skincare regime and treating and feeding your skin with the best quality ingredients that we can source.

As this product contains no artificial preservatives or stabilisers it is better kept in a refrigerator or a cool room. It may melt if left in a hot sunny environment however will harden again as it cools although the consistency will be different.

Contains-Organic Fair trade Shea butter, Organic Coconut oil, NZ Beeswax sourced locally, Jonquil Flower Extract,

Comes in a 10gm tin