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One of a kind Pounamu necklace #38

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This piece of Pounamu was found on the beach on the West Coast of the South Island. It is completely unique, there are no two alike. It will be yours and yours alone.
Each stone is suspended in the form Mother Nature provided it in.

Washed out from the Southern Alps aeons ago, into the rivers and out to the ocean, it is believed they have taken upwards of 20,000 years to wash north to the beaches where I have found them. For this reason alone I have developed this unique way of holding the stone, without drilling a hole in it or changing each piece's individual shape.

This piece is a light to medium transparent green and quite a silky finish, you can see the transparent hue of the stone in the pictures with the light behind. When looking at it against the skin, the stone does carry light and some transparency. I leave the stone surface untouched as so to leave the finish in natures hands.

Please note this piece is also listed on my Chooice site https://chooice.co.nz/store/vosso-studio/
In the extremely unlikely situation that it sells on both sites at the same time, the first person to purchase will be the owner and I will immediately refund the 2nd buyer, and offer them the next piece I have in stock.

The sterling silver is finished with a polished surface.
It is 17mm at its widest x 52mm long, on a sterling chain.