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Organic brass semi hoops



These little lovelies are constructed by hand, hammered and formed and given a soft polish. They have a gentle warm glow and slightly less bright feel than gold, more subtle in appearance.

This pair is 25mm, and each pair is slightly different as they are made uniquely and you may request slightly smaller or larger
They are solid brass with a sterling silver post and come with silicon stoppers for comfort, sterling butterflies can be requested at additional charge.

As these are brass, like most metals they will require the occasional polish with a silver cloth or steel wool and a metal polish to ward off oxidation if you want to keep them shiny. We also include instructions on a safe non toxic way to remove tarnish from the metal.

This range is inspired by ancient jewellery which I used to spend hours pouring over in museum collections. I am deeply attracted to the feeling of hand constructed jewellery. Built from scratch, hammered and shaped, and left with these makers marks as an inherent part of its beauty.
The warm and organic feel of bronze and brass allows the wearer to have those soft tones against their skin without the prohibitive cost of gold. It is also a slightly more earthy feel than the bright yellow of gold.

I am happy to customise these pieces for you so please get in touch to discuss any special request.

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