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Soak- Coconut Rose bath blend

$19.50 - $22.00


1 of 3 in our new mini at home wellness range.
This listing is for the middle one in the image.

Bathe in luxury, transport yourself to the Pacific Islands with the heavenly scent and silky feel of coconut milk.

Our popular tried and true blend containing a mix of Himalayan Salt, Naturally sourced Epsom salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Coconut Milk powder and essential oils. It has been one of our most popular blends for years and after a rest period and repacking journey, we have just brought it back.Although this time you can compost your packaging when you are done.
The mixture is a dry mix, meaning less impact on the planet and no preservatives on your skin. Just clean botanicals and dry natural ingredients.

The packet contains enough for 3-4 luxurious baths, depending on how much you like to use.
It is a moisturising blend, whilst also accomodating to the needs of the body for magnesium and the skin softening benefits of sodium bicarbonate.

All packaged in home compostable packaging and stamped using eco inks.

If you are rural delivery please choose the option of Soak with rural delivery

Here at Vosso Studio we believe in clean skincare so there are no nasty chemicals in our products at all.

As this product contains no artificial preservatives or stabilisers it is best kept cool.

Please take care as getting out of the bath as the coconut milk does have an oil content and may make your feet slippery.
Please avoid during pregnancy due to essential oil content.