vosso studio new zealand

Stering silver stacking bangles

$49.00 - $175.00


Light and easy to wear these bohemian sterling silver stacking bangles are totally unique.

Can be purchased in a group or alone, please see pricing below

They can be worn individually or start stacking them and build a collection over time. You can even introduce other colours. I can make these in gold or copper or bronze at your request. So you could mix it up!

The bangles are oval in shape, and can be ordered in one of the following sizes, measuring across the widest part of the oval.





These are standard sizes, but you may request a different size.

Prices are as follows

1 bangle $49, 2 bangles $95, 3 bangles $135, 4 bangles $175

Please message me to set up an individual listing

To measure, lay an existing bangle on a ruler and measure the widest part, or use the picture as a guide to measure from the centre of your index knuckle to the centre of the pinky knuckle.

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery as some times I may need to get extra material in to fabricate. However if you need these quickly please let me know in a note at checkout.

Each one individually made to order