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Unique Pounamu Beach Pebble Pendant

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This Pounamu was found on the beach on the West Coast of the South Island.

A very rare and precious gem, highly valued as Taonga or treasure by Maori.
It is believed these pieces have taken upwards of 20,000 years tumbling in the ocean to reach the beaches where they are occasionally found.

I cherish natures work and have developed this unique way of holding the stone, without drilling a hole in it or changing each piece's unique shape.

This piece is very very dark and quite a matt finish, you can see the actual emerald hue of the stone in the pictures with the light behind. When looking at it against the skin, the stone is almost black to the eye. I leave the surface untouched as so to leave the finish in natures hands.

I have photographed the stone backlit, so you can see the actual hue of the stone.
On the board, it is the piece on the far right.

Please message me for additional information about shipping, so I can give you a more accurate price.
40 x 50 mm, on a 55cm sterling chain