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Our ingredients for our oils and balms are NZ grown, organically grown and ethically sourced wherever possible. Some of which are listed below…..

Olive oil- this is our pride and joy and very seasonal, we can only purchase this directly after pressing, so later in the year there may be a chance of running out until the following season. It is from one of only two Biodynamic and Demeter certified Olive growers in New Zealand, grown in accordance with strict organic guidelines and based around the cycles of the earth and the moon.

Macadamia Oil- grown in the tropical North of New Zealand on a spray free small holding and extracted using the cold pressing method to preserve all the goodness possible.

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil- One of our favourite and super healing oils, Sea Buckthorn is very high in beta carotene, which is what gives it its very orangey colour. Extremely calming and restorative, high in a huge variety of vitamins and plant sterols and flavanoids. This ingredient has a noticeable effect on the health of the skin. We couldn’t do without it! We have our own small Sea buckthorn orchard growing, but is not yet ready for its first harvest

Frankincense Resin- All our Frankincense is sourced from a fair trade Frankincense supplier, who travels to the source and purchases directly from small villagers who practise their craft of harvesting and caring for their trees in a wholistic and personal manner. The resin is infused directly into the biodynamic Olive oil so is a powerhouse of a combination which still includes the anti-inflammatory Boswellic acid that is lost in the production of Frankincense essential oil.

Narcissisus/Jonquil solid perfume- The flowers used in these perfumes are grown and harvested by us, and the scent extracted in a labour intensive month long process of flower changing to gently draw the scent into a base. Also a very seasonal product once this is sold out we all have to wait until next spring!

Calendula- The sunshine flower is grown in our gardens and extracted directly after harvest to increase the efficacy of the extract.


Our hydrosols are distilled in our beautiful copper Alembic still using wild harvested botanicals from the native forest in our very own backyard, and organically and biodynamic botanicals from the people in our community. The hydrosols are seasonal, and will be in stock depending on what time of the year and the condition of the plants in that particular season. As we will only harvest from healthy plants that are able to give up some of their flowers or foliage for this purpose.


We have decided to stock just a few other products which we rate highly, they align with our values, and a highly effective businesses worth supporting.

Currently they are


BATHE ALCHEMY Solid shampoos and conditioners

You may see the odd new product popping up as we add to our carefully curated selection of things and products we love.